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The ARI Workshop, which will be co-hosted by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, is designed to both identify the implications of distributed resources for the various major stakeholders and suggest a role for the Commonwealth in developing policies to promote, control or otherwise affect their development. The basic focus, and the primary question that the workshop will highlight from the legislative side, is "Why should Virginia legislators care about distributed resources?"

Distributed power generation is poised to become an important energy option in our national electrical energy future, with equally significant implications for Virginia's power and telecommunications infrastructure. For example, from an overall power reliability standpoint, incorporation of individual distributed generation systems could lessen the load on the transmission system, and thus increase system reliability. However, although distributed generation may offer long-term strategic benefits in Virginia, it still faces a variety of technical, business practice, and regulatory barriers before those benefits can be realized.

The invited audience includes Virginia legislators from the Senate and House Committees on Commerce and Labor, the Legislative Transition Task Force and the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission, along with representatives from electric utilities and gas distribution companies.

Presentations will be made by the US Department of Energy, the State Corporation Commission, and the Virginia DEQ during the morning session. Individuals from selected investor-owned utilities, electrical cooperatives and distributed resource equipment suppliers also will make presentations. The afternoon session will be devoted primarily to plenary discussion, but also will provide opportunities for other interested parties to make brief presentations.


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Workshop on 
Distributed Energy Resources: Policy Options for Virginia
May 17th, 2K2 @ Richmond, VA